We will have a variety of interesting talks to be presented online and offline, plus a few exciting presentations from our invited speakers.
The schedule is defined for our local time in Chile (GMT-3), so please adjust the schedule whether you are in Europe (GMT+1) or in the USA's West Coast (GMT-8).

WFS2021 Program

Daily Schedule

DAY 1 - Wednesday 12/01
DAY 2 - Thursday 12/02
DAY 3 - Friday 12/03

Day 1 - Wednesday 12/01

10:00 Welcome words

10:25 Session Wavefront Sensing 1

  • 10:25 Focal Plane Wavefront Sensing using the Extended Kalman Filter Jesse Cranney, Francois Rigaut, Jose De Dona and Ryan McCloy 
  • 10:40 A novel nonlinear wavefront reconstruction algorithm for all Fourier-type sensors Victoria Hutterer, Andreas Neubauer, Andreas Obereder, Julia Shatokhina and Ronny Ramlau
  • 10:55 A Near-Infrared Pyramid Wavefront Sensor for the MMT Jacob Taylor, Narsireddy Anugu, Shaojie Chen, Olivier Durney, Masen Lamb, Manny Montoya, Katie M Morzinski, Robin Swanson and Suresh Sivanandam
  • 11:10 Super-resolution reconstruction in adaptive-optics Carlos Correia, Sylvain Oberti, Benoit Neichel and Thierry Fusco
  • 11:25 Predictive control for pupil and focal plane wavefront sensing Maaike van Kooten, Benjamin Gerard, Rebecca Jensen-Clem, Sylvain Cetre, Charlotte Bond, Sam Ragland, Peter Wizinowich and Jules Fowler

12:00 Session Wavefront Sensing 2

  • 12:00 Pyramid wavefront sensing challenges in the ELT era Charlotte Bond, Jean-François Sauvage, Noah Schwartz, Nicholas Levraud, Vincent Chambouleyron, Carlos Correia, Thierry Fusco and Benoit Neichel
  • 12:15 Final development of a high-speed Visible Pyramid Wavefront Sensor for the MMT AO system Narsireddy Anugu
  • 12:30 First Closed-Loop Tests of Sensing Segment Piston with a Pyramid Sensor on the New GMT HCAT Testbed Laird Close, Sebastiaan Haffert, Alex Hedglen, Jared Males, Maggie Kautz, Rick Demers and Antonin Bouchez
  • 12:45 Wavefront Reconstruction and Closed-Loop Performance of the METIS SCAO System Markus Feldt, Carlos Correia, Horst Steuer, Andreas Obereder, Julia Shatokina, Thomas Bertram and Stefan Hippler
  • 13:00 Performance analysis of the SCAO Wave Front Sensor for HARMONI Jean-François Sauvage, Charlotte Bond, Nicolas Levraud, Vincent Chambouleyron, Carlos Correia, Mahawa Cisse, Thierry Fusco, Benoit Neichel, Kjetil Dohlen, Kacem El Hadi and Edgard Renault
  • 13:15 Interferometric wavefront sensing at Subaru/SCExAO: fibered pupil-remapping spectroscopy and non-redundant masking Vincent Deo, Sebastien Vievard, Nick Cvetojevic, Kyohoon Ahn, Kevin Barjot, Olivier Guyon, Elsa Huby, Takayuki Kotani, Sylvestre Lacour, Manon Lallement, Vincent Lapereyre, Julien Lozi, Franck Marchis, Guillermo Martin, Frantz Martinache, Barnaby Norris, Guy Perrin, Daniel Rouan, Nour Skaf and Peter Tuthill

13:50 Session WFS for High Contrast Instruments

  • 13:50 High contrast imaging wavefront sensor referencing from coronagraphic images Nour Skaf, Olivier Guyon, Vincent Deo, Julien Lozi, Sebastien Vievard, Kyohoon Ahn, Anthony Boccaletti, Eric Gendron and Thayne Currie
  • 14:05 STARLOC: the star tracking algorithm for the MICADO Lyot coronagraphs Elsa Huby and Pierre Baudoz
  • 14:20 The Status of the Planetary Systems Imager Adaptive Optics System Rebecca Jensen-Clem, Philip Hinz, Maaike van Kooten, Michael Fitzgerald, Steph Sallum, Ben Mazin, Mark Chun, Claire Max, Maxwell Millar-Blanchaer, Andy Skemer, Ji Wang, Deno Stelter and Olivier Guyon
  • 14:35 High Contrast Imaging at the Photon Noise Limit with WFS-based PSF calibration Olivier Guyon, Marc-Antoine Martinod, Kyohoon Ahn, Barnaby Norris, Vincent Deo, Julien Lozi, Sebastien Vievard, Nour Skaf, Peter Tuthill, Jared Males and Sebastiaan Haffert

14:50 INVITED TALK Extreme AO Research & Development for the Planetary Camera and Spectrograph by Markus Kasper

Day 2 - Thursday 12/02

10:00 INVITED TALK Focal-plane wavefront sensing using deep learning techniques: review and perspectives by Gilles Orban de Xivry

10:25 Session Wavefront Sensing for LGS

  • 10:25 The Ingot Wavefront Sensor: Updates from the lab activities Simone Di Filippo, Davide Greggio, Maria Bergomi, Kalyan Kumar Radhakrishnan Santhakumari, Valentina Viotto, Elisa Portaluri, Carmelo Arcidiacono, Luca Marafatto and Roberto Ragazzoni
  •  10:40 Rolling Shutter Wavefront Sensor Effects for ULTIMATE-Subaru Ground Layer Adaptive Optics Hajime Ogane, Masayuki Akiyama, Jesse Cranney, Francois Rigaut, Noelia Martinez Rey, Celine D'Orgeville, Yosuke Minowa and Yoshito Ono
  • 10:55 Investigating the pyramid WFS for laser guide stars Francisco Oyarzun, Felipe Pedreros, Thierry Fusco, Benoit Neichel and Andres Guesalaga
  •  11:10 Laser guide star wavefront sensor for HARMONI Pierre Jouve
  • 11:25 Key Wave-Front Sensing features for Laser-assisted Tomographic Adaptive Optics Systems on the ELT Thierry Fusco, Neichel Benoit, Guido Agapito, Sylvain Oberti and Carlos Correia

12:00 Session Wavefront Sensing for Phasing

  • 12:00 Focal Plane Wavefront Sensing for Fragmented Apertures using Linearized Phase Diversity Sebastien Vievard, Aurélie Bonnefois, Frederic Cassaing, Laurent Mugnier, Jean-François Sauvage, Olivier Guyon, Julien Lozi, Vincent Deo, Kyohoon Ahn and Nour Skaf
  • 12:15 Sensing segment ejections on the Giant Magellan Telescope Cédric Plantet, Anne-Laure Cheffot, Enrico Pinna, Simone Esposito, Nicolò Azzaroli, Fabio Rossi, Tommaso Lapucci, Luca Carbonaro, Marco Bonaglia, Guido Agapito, Fernando Quiros-Pacheco, Marcos Van Dam, Antonin Bouchez and Richard Demers
  • 12:30 Differential piston tracking : variations around the Pyramid Wavefront Sensor Nicolas Levraud, Vincent Chambouleyron, Jean-François Sauvage, Mahawa Cisse, Charlotte Bond, Noah Schwartz, Carlos Correira, Olivier Fauvarque, Thierry Fusco and Benoit Neichel
  • 12:45 Co-phasing of segmented mirrors with the LOOPS bench at LAM Felipe Pedreros, Jorge Tapia, Ronald Holzlöhner, Vincent Chambouleyron, Victoria Wallauer, Thierry Fusco and Benoit Neichel
  • 13:00 Phasing of the Giant Segmented Mirror Telescopes with the Holographic Dispersed Fringe Sensor Sebastiaan Haffert, Laird Close, Alex Hedglen, Jared Males, Maggie Kautz, Rick Demers and Antonin Bouchez
  • 13:15 Can we LIFT islands? Guido Agapito, Cédric Plantet, Giulia Carlà and Lorenzo Busoni

13:50 Session Machine Learning in Wavefront Sensing

  • 13:50 Mitigating the Pyramid WFS Non-Linearities with Artificial Intelligence Jean-Pierre Veran, Finn Archinuk, Rehan Hafeez, Sebastien Fabbro and Hossen Teimoorinia
  • 14:05 Neural networks applied to predict optical gain in AO systems Camilo Weinberger, Olivier Beltramo-Martin, Benoit Neichel, Felipe Pedreros, Thierry Fusco, Jean-François Sauvage, Felipe Guzmán and Esteban Vera
  • 14:20 Deep learning-based focal plane wavefront sensing behind a vector vortex coronagraph: principle, simulations, and perspectives for on-sky test Maxime Quesnel, Gilles Orban de Xivry, Gilles Louppe, Julien Lozi, Olivier Guyon, Sebastien Vievard and Olivier Absil
  • 14:35 Laboratory Demonstration of Machine-Learning-Based Focal Plane Wavefront Sensing on Subaru/SCExAO Kyohoon Ahn, Olivier Guyon, Julien Lozi, Sebastian Vievard, Vincent Deo, Nour Skaf, Jennifer Bragg, Barnaby Norris and Peter Tuthill

14:50 INVITED TALK Understanding and Realizing Wavefront Sensing's Fundamental Limits by Oliver Guyon

Day 3 - Friday 12/03

10:00 INVITED TALK Extreme adaptive optics wavefront sensing with the integrated Mach-Zehnder by Maud Langlois

10:25 Session Wavefront Reconstruction

  • 10:25 GALACSI Narrow-Field Mode: Upgrading the VLT’s Laser Tomography Adaptive Optics Sylvain Oberti, Johann Kolb and Fernando Selman
  • 10:40 Global tomography in MCAO with a generalized WFS model Hao Zhang, Jesse Cranney, Damien Gratadour, Nicolas Doucet and Francois Rigaut
  • 10:55 SPRINT: System Parameters Recurrent INvasive Tracking, a fast and least-cost online calibration strategy for adaptive optics Cedric Taïssir Heritier, Pierre-Yves Madec, Thierry Fusco, Benoit Neichel, Sylvain Oberti, Christophe Verinaud, Miska Le Louarn and Simone Esposito
  • 11:10 Extending the limiting magnitude with LIFT for GALASCI NFM Arseniy Kuznetsov, Sylvain Oberti and Benoit Neichel
  • 11:25 A comprehensive model for noise propagation through Fourier-filtering wavefront sensing Vincent Chambouleyron, Olivier Fauvarque, Jean-François Sauvage, Nicolas Levraud, Mahawa Cissé, Benoit Neichel and Thierry Fusco 

12:00 Session Wavefront Sensing 3

  • 12:00 A ZELDA wavefront sensor for the HARMONI’s High Contrast Module - Prototype and experimental results Adrien Hours, Alexis Carlotti, David Mouillet, Fabrice Pancher, Laurent Jocou, Thibaut Moulin, Sylvain Guieu, Patrick Rabou, Alain Delboulbé, Kjetil Dohlen, Jean-François Sauvage, Elodie Choquet and Mamadou N'Diaye
  • 12:15 Partial control of the low wind effect with high-resolution Shack-Hartmann in the context of SPHERE and GRAVITY+ Nicolas Pourré, Jean-Baptiste Le Bouquin, Julien Milli, Jean-François Sauvage, Thierry Fusco, Carlos Correia, Éric Gendron and Sylvain Oberti
  • 12:30 Data-driven focal plane control with Implicit Electric Field Conjugation Sebastiaan Haffert, Jared Males, Kyle Van Gorkom, Olivier Guyon, Laird Close, Alex Hedglen, Maggie Kautz, Joseph Long, Jennifer Lumbres, Lauren Schatz, Kelsey Miller and Alex Rodack
  • 12:45 Optical Chopping as a Second Stage Focal Plane Wavefront Sensor Benjamin Gerard, Daren Dillon, Sylvain Cetre, Rebecca Jensen-Clem, Maaike van Kooten and Masen Lamb
  • 13:00 Current status of PAPYRUS : the pyramid based adaptive optics system at LAM/OHP Romain Fetick, Vincent Chambouleyron, Nicolas Levraud, Idir Boudjema, Felipe Pedreros, Eduard Muslimov, Jérome Schmitt, Maxime Lopez, Alexis Lau, Zibo Ke, Gilles Otten, Amandine Caillat, Kacem El-Hadi, Bruno Martin, Julien Charton, Jean-Francois Sauvage, Benoit Neichel, Thierry Fusco
  • 13:15 Research, Experiment, and Validation of adaptive Optics with a Legacy Telescope (REVOLT) Tarun Kumar, Olivier Lardiere, David Andersen, Kathryn Jackson, Jean-Pierre Veran and Dmitry Monin


  • 13:50 MKID, a supercondutor detector energy sensitive for the next generation of XAO systems Aurélie Magniez, Tim Morris and Kieran O'Brien
  • 14:05 High contrast and high bandwidth sensing and correction of atmos-pheric turbulence without WFSs and DMs using a digital signal modulated satellite beacon and integrated photonics devices Glen Herriot, Brent Carlson, Jean-Pierre Veran, Ross Cheriton and Siegfried Janz
  • 14:20 Sensorless adaptive optics Yann Lucas, Luca Rinaldi and Vincent Michau
  • 14:35 Development and implementation of the crossed-sine wavefront sensor Yan Feng, François Hénault, Alain Spang and Laura Schreiber
  • 14:50 A new class of wide field only WaveFront sensor suitable for natural and artificial photon’s source Roberto Ragazzoni

15:05 Workshop final remarks

Offline Recorded Talks

  • Towards a pure PSF-R service forMICADO@E-ELT Matteo Simioni
  • Advances in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Optics control Bartomeu Pou, Florian Ferreira, Eduardo Quinones, Damien Gratadour and Mario Martin
  • Design and integration of a new NIR wavefront sensor for the Nasmyth IR instruments of Subaru Julien Lozi, Kyohoon Ahn, Vincent Deo, Olivier Guyon, Nemanja Jovanovic, Yosuke Minowa, Shogo Nishiyama, Yoshito Ono, Nour Skaf and Sebastien Vievard
  • Adaptive Optics time constant estimation from telemetry Maximiliano Rivera, Fernando Selman, Johann Kolb and Clémentine Béchet
  • Laboratory Demonstrations of Optimal Identification and Control of Tip-Tilt Systems Aditya Sengupta, Benjamin Gerard, Maaike van Kooten and Rebecca Jensen-Clem
  • Supervised Training of Predictive Adaptive Optics Controllers Robin Swanson, Jacob Taylor, Carlos Correia, Masen Lamb, Suresh Sivanandam and Kiriakos Kutulakos
  • The Giant Magellan Telescope Natural Guide-star Adaptive Optics (NGAO) mode: control strategy review and performance simulations Fernando Quiros-Pacheco, Antonin Bouchez, Rod Conan, Marcos van Dam and Richard Demers
  • Adaptive optics vibrations modelling based on Maximum Likelihood method using data from the Large Binocular Telescope Pedro Escarate, Maria Coronel, Juan Carlos Agüero and Rodrigo Carvajal

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