December 1-3 2021

Valparaiso, Chile and Hybrid Online Mode

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WFS2021: Wavefront Sensing in the VLT ERA VII

WaveFront Sensing (WFS) is the core component of an Adaptive Optics (AO) system, and its performance can greatly impact future astronomical discoveries that are imposing new challenges for the new wave of highly sensitive instruments for 8m class telescopes and the incoming the next generation of Extremely Large Telescopes.

As a continuation of the WFS Workshops organized in Marseille, Padova, Paris, Arcetri, Durham (AO workshop week) and Nice (online), the WFS workshop 2021 will be a hybrid meeting hosted in Valparaiso, Chile, with simultaneous online participation. The WFS Workshop 2021 is planned as a single track meeting with several sessions devoted to share and discuss over the latest advancements in WFS technologies and applications, while discussing its implications in AO systems. Along with a series of invited speakers (to be announced shortly), there will also be a special session on current applications and trends of artificial intelligence and deep learning in the design and improvement of WFSs and wavefront reconstruction. 

Organizing Committees

Esteban Vera - PUCV
Benoit Neichel - LAM
Thierry Fusco - ONERA/LAM
Simone Esposito - INAF/Arcetri

Scientific Organizing Committee:
Olivier Beltramo-Martin - ONERA/LAM
Clementine Bechet - PUC
Charlotte Bond - STFC/UKRI
Elsa Huby - LESIA
Maud Langlois - CRAL
Mamadou N'Diaye - OCA
Enrico Pinna - INAF/Arcetri
Felipe Pedreros-Bustos - LAM

Local Organizing Committee: 
Jorge Tapia - PUCV
Camilo Weinberger - PUCV
Felipe Guzman - PUCV




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